TSG! Desktop App

This app is a Discord client for Windows created by Arcaxon for the TSG! Discord server. It has many features for the members of the Discord group such as access to the TSG! Wiki, Updates and even toony games! The App also updates itself and is easy to use! The app was made from Electron and utilises HTML, CSS and Jquery. (Internet Connection is Required for Most Features) Mobile App coming soon!

Download Now (.Exe | Windows)


Simply Unzip and run the Exe within! It's as easy as that! (Some anti-Virus and Microsoft may warn you about the file, but it is completly safe. It is standard for microsoft and anti-viruses to warn about exe files from the web as they can be malicious!)

Full List of Features

The App 's features are mostly dependent on your internet connection! A few small features do work offline, such as playing offline-available games. We will focus on the navigation and talk about each feature as we go.

Top Navigation

This is the main navigation of the app, it is above the DiscordApp client embeded below. It allows you to access almost all of the features! We'll start by the left and head to the right.

Hamburger Menu

This button opens up the SIDE MENU, which will be discussed later below, the button turns into a red "X" when you open the side menu, which closes the side menu. The color depends on the theme!


This button opens up the TSG! Wiki in a new in-app window on the Commands page. This makes it a lot easier to read about commands and use them in TSG!'s Discord Server. The window can be closed as soon as you're done with it or minimized!


This button opens up the TSG! Browser in a new in-app window. This browser can access all TSG! Websites . As a security measure this browser does not allow direct website address input and only links to TSG! websites. We do not wish to expose people to security risks as we do not have the level of expertise allowing us to make a full browser safely.


This button opens up the Games section in a new in-app window. From that window you can play or download multiple games of Toony nature! It is easy to distuiguish between downloadable games and in-app games as the downloadable games will have a "Download Now!" button instead of a "Play Now". Third Party Games are available along with the first party TSG! games. This part of the app will be reworked in the future to add better gaming features along with more games.

If you have a game you'd like to be hosted by us for free please contact @Arcaxon#0059!

Discord Status

This button opens up the Official DiscordApp Status Website in a new in-app window. From that window you can check if Discord is indeed glitching or if it is just your connection! This is simply to allow quick access to this tool as a lot of times it is a lot more tedious to open your browser just to check if Discord is glitching out. If Discord indeed is or is offline, you can check out our in-app embeded Telegram Chat in the SIDE MENU.

Project Updates

This button opens up the Project Updates Page in a new in-app window. From that window you can see all updates done to TSG! Projects like the desktop app, TSG! games and other projects and services! This is basically the changelog for TSG! Projects.

What's New?

This button opens a modal message and on the same page. It is open upon starting up the app. This is where abridged update info on the app shows up! The full details are found in: "Project Updates" page besides it.


This button opens up the Additional Info page in a new in-app window. From that window you can see additional info which is often missed, such as raffles, services and specific commands!


This button opens up the Settings menu on the right. From this Menu you can currently only do one thing, which is to change the Theme of the app! More settings to come!

Settings Menu

The settings menu is used to set your preferences. Currently though, it only serves one purpose which is to allow users to change themes.


You can change the themes for the TSG! App. The default theme is the blue one which is one of the 2 main themes, the other being the purple theme. Patrons who donate 10$+ get a custom theme on the app!

Side Menu [Hamburger Menu]

This menu includes the About section along with the App version and patch. It has many features such as the Discord Nav and the Telegram Chat. We will Start with the left side and move down and then go to the right side and go down.

About Section

The About section contains info about the app and a button which opens up the About Page in a new in-app window. In there all information about the app can be found, such as licence, copyright and ect..

Trivia Section

The Trivia section contains random facts and trivia about TSG! You can get a new random fact whenever you click on the "Another Fact". New facts/trivia will be added with time!

Discord Nav Section

This section allows you to change the DiscordApp client to the #channel written on the button, except for TSG! Invite which gives you an invite you can use to join our server!

Social Media Section

This section allows you to check all of TSG!'s social media accounts! These as the disclaimer says, opens the links within your computer's default browser.

Discord Down? Section

This section allows you to check DiscordApp's Status as the one in the main nav but it also has a link to our Telegram chat which opens in it's own in-app window, embeding Telegram's Web client!

Offline Things Section

This section is specifically when you go offline, it lists the things you can do without an internet connection, currently only 2 are listed. The Offline EC SquishGame Demo and the "Caw" Button which CAWS whenever you press it.

The App is Ever Evolving!

We plan on updating this app and continuing to add great stuff to it , so stay tuned!

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